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Simple, intelligent driver management and deployment to exceed all expectations with ease.

Device drivers matter – without effective driver management, OS upgrades do not happen, peripheral devices don’t work, and systems are unstable and hard to troubleshoot.  One wrong driver opens up security vulnerabilities and one missing driver can cause hundreds of devices to stop functioning. Thousands of man-hours are spent by the help desk or end users attempting to find and resolve these problems. Sure, the system may boot... but if it’s missing key resources is that really considered a successful deployment?

What if there was a simple, easy solution, to ensure all devices (even peripherals) got the right driver? What if you had ultimate control and visibility of every driver in your environment in a single console and could standardize, update, repair, and intelligently automate driver management with ease? 

DX evolves a manual, "hit & miss" and tedious OS Deployment process to a true, data- driven, policy centered method allowing potential of systems management platforms to be unlocked. DX easily identifies and handles *all* the computer/device/driver/firmware variation complexities that exist in your environment.



Accounts for 100% of device diversity
DX extends and enhances the hardware inventory in your management platform to encompass ALL devices in your environment, including peripherals, allowing generic model groupings to evolve into collections of device homogenous systems for comprehensive manageability and efficiency.

Compiles an all-inclusive, compact driver repository automatically
DX compiles all the drivers necessary for effective deployment eliminating the time-consuming driver hunt. Redundancy is eliminated by SHA hashing the drivers into a space saving single instanced driver repository.

Intuitive device/driver mapping
Comprehensive custom driver packs are automatically created for individual device configurations and injected into your task sequence/job at the time of deployment.

Evolves with environment changes
Adds, moves and changes are automatically detected and accounted for as your environment evolves.

Organizes drivers by OS
Time saving profiles are created to ensure the right driver is matched to the right device and the right OS.

Enables new employees to deploy in hours
The DX process is much easier to understand and administrate so junior IT staff can be trained to perform deployment events even when the deployment administrator is on vacation or gets busy with other IT tasks.

Targets applications or co-installers to appropriate hardware devices
Drivers with co-installers and applications associated can be one of the most frustrating scenarios to manage. Applications can be easily added to DX and linked to drivers, devices or models to ensure fully functional deployments every time.

Insight into all drivers on all systems
A user friendly GUI provides actionable data on all devices in the environment and more importantly, all driver versions currently associated with each device type.

Standardizes all drivers in your environment
Standardization is manageability. DE offers complete control what drivers are used in your environment. Updates are easily implemented and rollbacks can be enforced globally with a few clicks.