Enterprise Driver Manager:

Enterprise Driver Manager (EDM) is the only solution in the world that enables the ability to completely analyze, standardize, deploy and update drivers on all your production widows systems.  EDM inventories every single device and driver on all Windows systems in your enterprise.  Driver problems, the systems affected and the best version of multiple drivers are identified.  Desirable driver versions not currently available for deployment are automatically procured and loaded into the driver repository.  EDM enables Driver standardization, increased driver security, and eliminates device driver conflicts.  All questions regarding drivers in your enterprise are answered, and exposed in an actionable data console.  

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EDM for Microsoft SCCM 2012
EDM for Symantec SMP 7.x


DX for Symantec SMP: 

DeployExpert ("DX") - is the next generation Hardware Independent Imaging Solution for The Symantec Management Platform (SMP/DS 7.1).  The powerful and comprehensive deployment process management that DX offers means that all required drivers (including 3rd party peripherals) are automatically and accurately mapped to target to systems to be deployed. This results in true “Zero Touch” deployments, making partial deployments and deployment failures a thing of the past.

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DX for Microsoft SCCM: 

Deploy Expert (“DX") is a full-featured OS deployment management console that natively integrates with Microsoft SCCM. DX drastically reduces the man hours traditionally spent on process engineering, scripting/integrating various tools, and troubleshooting Image deployment inefficiencies essentially returning hundreds of man hours and expanding company profits.

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HIIS for Altiris DS: 

Hardware Independent Imaging Solutions ("HIIS") is a complete process management environment for hardware independent image deployment. The HIIS automation technology reduces the workload and time required to achieve and maintain enterprise HID capability by up to 95%! Whether you are deploying Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003 or 2008 Server, HIIS enables quick single image deployment automation for the Altiris Deployment Solution 6.x equipped enterprise.  

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Boot Console for Altiris DS: 

BootConsole enables field IT Technicians to fast-track routine processes by eliminating the need to train on or access the Deployment Solution Console to initiate Jobs.

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