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Are you sick of managing drivers?  

Do you assume that because you buy a “standardized” model configuration that those systems are actually identical under the hood? 

Stop Guessing Start Knowing

DeployExpert (DX) proves through its patent pending "under the hood analytics" that business class machines provided by tier one vendors like Dell, HP, and Lenovo have as many as 20 hardware variations for each “standardized” sub-model they offer.  This means your driver packages need to be more comprehensive and intelligent to insure zero-touch deployment and maximize employee productivity.  DX seamlessly integrates into the SCCM console presenting administrators with an intuitive GUI that manages a simple 4-step process to automatically perform system hardware inventory analysis, driver pack gathering, task sequence integration and change maintenance.

Step 1 - Analyze

Experienced Administrators know that basing your hardware independent image strategy on "OEM model" types is not granular enough - you must know what devices actually exist under the hood in order to know what device drivers are needed for zero touch deployment. For the first time ever, you will see distinct hardware platform groupings that exist in your enterprise. These "Platform Classes" include only systems that are exactly identical based on "under the hood hardware analysis" and therefore capable of sharing a driver pack. Administrators can utilize this information to know what systems are ready for zero touch OS deployment and more importantly what systems are not ready.

Step 2 - Harvest

No matter what type of drivers are required by any system in your enterprise, DX quickly obtains and maps the best driver for you. DX's Harvest feature allows you to quickly integrate a comprehensive driver pack library that is automatically customized and mapped to each system, enterprise wide. Even systems that require special peripherals and non-OEM component device drivers are managed. Each unique device driver resource is single-instance stored in DX's driver repository, keeping your driver library lean and easily manageable.

Step 3 - Integrate

DX seamlessly integrates all required drivers and hardware-specific application intelligence into your SCCM task sequence resulting in true "Zero Touch" deployments, making partial deployments and deployment failures a thing of the past.

Step 4 - Maintenance

DX regularly analyzes the SMP's hardware inventory so that brand new systems and device adds/moves/changes are programmatically added or modified while you sleep. This ensures all systems remain deployment ready.


Key DeployExpert benefits

  • Automated, zero touch OS deployment that not only supports each model but ALL sub-model hardware platforms as well
  • One-to-one, driver to device reconciliation prevents embarrassing rollbacks and deployment failures 
  • DX's single-instance driver repository gives you automated management of ALL drivers including 3rd party & peripheral devices
  • Makes system model, device and driver variables a non-issue for deployment
  • Deploy any system including brand new models with your Standard Image within 30 minutes 
  • Leverage DX's platform analytics and 100% device support to expand Windows migration project scope and speed deployment timelines
  • DX is natively integrated into your systems management platform – no new servers or agents