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About US

Drivers are incredibly difficult to manage.  Network Administrators might use the control method or the chaos method or any one of hundreds of other methods, but any option leads to hours spent finding and organizing drivers, wasted space in duplicated drivers, shipping drivers not needed for a system, or end users struggling with missing device drivers.  Admins are looking for ways to save time as well as  work more efficiently, but they often lack the tools to do so.

The Altrinsic Deployment Engineering Team represents some of the most experienced deployment and migration expertise in the world. Our solutions are built to make administrators lives easier while providing substantial cost savings to the entire organization by addressing the reality of hardware diversity and the complexity of managing real world devices with deeply automated solutions to extend, expand, and enhance the world’s top management platforms.  Altrinsic has helped more than 750 companies worldwide effectively and efficiently deploy and migrate millions of systems.  Organizations ranging from 250,000 systems to 500 systems have seen the impact that intelligent automation can have on their environment.

Our customer base is diverse and includes DoD, Federal, and local governments, school systems, banks, insurance companies, law firms, corporations, and universities.  They range in size from 100 to 250,000 seats.


Management Team

Stephen Holcomb, Founder & Chief Executive Officer
With over seventeen years of IT industry background including extensive experience as a Systems Management Platform integrator and OS deployment expert, Stephen is a natural and charismatic leader who has a rare blend of acumens that include business development, a demonstrated ability to foresee technology market trends and technology fluency. Stephen and his staff have assisted hundreds of organizations with customized, automated OS deployment solutions. Customers include numerous Fortune-class organizations such as Wal-Mart, Boeing, Disney, Cisco, AT&T, multiple US military branches, commercial and other organizations representing virtually every vertical market and major geography.  Stephen holds over 15 different IT industry certifications and has authored and/or collaborated on several IT books and IT curriculum titles.

John Patton, Chief Operating Officer
Tasked with growing Altrinsic Solutions since day one, John has overseen the rapid growth in the company and its development into a well-known, respected solution provider.  He is responsible for formulating and enacting the companies mission to provide intelligent, cost effective solutions to IT management worldwide.  John is well known for his ability to bring out the best in people around him and help them to achieve more than they thought possible. An experienced entrepreneur, John's business sense and commitment to integrity continually push the company to new levels.


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